The story of Pineapple Fund:

This year can truly be called as the year of Cryptocurrencies, more or less we can just call it the year of Bitcoin. With the price touching as high as $20,000 per coin, it made the investors and traders a lot of money. There are other cryptos in the market as well but the way Bitcoin shot up it amazed everyone around the globe.

There are other coins on the market as well but the way Bitcoin shot up it amazed everyone around the globe.

But ever imagined what’ll these people making lots and lots through Bitcoins would end up doing with their money.

Yes, we all know how we humans end up being greedy and develop the lust for all the luxuries available to us once we have an enormous amount of money. But at the end of the day, not all are same.

Pineapple Fund bringing change through Bitcoins

Recently, an anonymous person under the aegis of Pineapple Fund donated $1 million worth of Bitcoins to the Internet Archive, last Saturday.

Pineapple Fund is a Bitcoin-Only Charity Fund which was created by an unknown person somewhere around early December this year, and its ultimate aim is to give away around $86 million worth of bitcoins to various NGO’s (Non-Profit Organizations) around the world.

Apart from setting up the fund, the creator of Pineapple has also launched a website where anyone can see the reports on how much Bitcoins or charity has been given to various organizations along with their name.

The motive behind these charities has been given on the website.

“Donating $86 mln of Bitcoins to charity. Because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.”

The website also contains a form, so that the other NGO’s can apply for future grants in Bitcoins.

As of now, the scale of donations which has already been given has reached up to a volume of around $8.5 million totaling up to 657 BTC. Till now 13 organizations working on projects such as supplying clean water to parts of sub-Saharan African, technological advancements in the field of Universal Healthcare among some have received funds.

The creator of this charity fund is on Reddit by the username /u/PineappleFund.