Ian Balina, one of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers and an ICO advisor, was hacked yesterday during his livestream.

Ian was conducting one of his livestreams reviewing an ICO, when a viewer commented in the live chat, asking, “Ian, did you know that somebody transferred all your tokens from your account. Hope that it’s controlled movement.” Ian continued with his livestream, not having noticed the comment. During the livestream, Ian was trying to access his Google spreadsheet. But he noticed that he was logged out of his Google account. He realized something was wrong and ended the livestream without making an announcement. Later, he tweeted this :

There are a few mistakes on Ian’s part that he admits himself. Ian has a theory on how the hack might have happened. According to him, he had his college email listed as a recovery email for his primary Gmail account. He remembered getting an email sometime back that his college email had been compromised. Ian said he had tried to get the issue resolved by contacting his college security, but had given up on it due to it not being ‘handled in a fast manner’. He said he didn’t think it would pose any threat, since it was an old email which he didn’t use anymore.

Ian then mentions that he stored the private keys to his wallets on Evernote in encrypted files which were password protected. According to him, the hacker got access to his college email, and then got into his Evernote, thus gaining complete control of his funds.

Soon after his first tweet addressing his followers, Ian tweeted this: “Hacker has stolen my funds and is about to sell on @kucoincom. Please help in contacting them. $ETH $BTC $KCS”

The tweet was deleted almost as soon as it was posted, but the few people who noticed it posted about it on Twitter and Reddit. Reddit user shanecorry said this on one of the posts: “The really strange thing is, at that time no funds had been moved to Kucoin from the wallets identified as the hackers yet within minutes of that tweet having been posted/deleted, suddenly some funds were being moved to a Kucoin wallet.

I was more of the opinion before that happened that he was just being stupid, holding millions of $ in crypto with poor security but this points more towards the more dodgy behaviour that others have suggested.”

While some of the community argues that using a hack as an excuse to dodge taxes will not work, others say that since Ian bought the tokens at a cheap price and never sold, he owes less taxes than he would have, had he sold everything in 2018.

The addresses where Ian’s funds were transferred to are posted here :

Ian Balina Hacked from r/CryptoCurrency

One of the biggest lesson that we get from this hack is that no matter how much money you have in crypto, always secure it in a hardware wallet as no matter who you are , you might get hacked someday too.