This article is not a guide to earn money in one week but if you are bug bounty hunter or pentester then it may result to motivation ( by the end of article) and you can earn something.

So in the first week of june,2018 a man named Guido Vranken ( @GuidoVranken ) found 10’s of security bug in the product of which is  which is an open source software publisher specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies. Since has registered itself on the for responsible disclosures of security issues and it may have attracted Guido and he reported lot’s of bug to them and got rewarded !!

Guido Hackerone profile


According to above Screenshot of guido’s hackerone profile, he has earned $100K but as he replied in a twitter thread that final amount was  $120K.

Twitter Thread

Want to find bugs?

Refer to’s hackerone page :

Following source codes are in scope for  as a critical ( base payout $10K)