Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is slowing becoming very popular in India too. Over the last 1-2 years we have seen a lot of Exchanges operating in India. Many companies and state government started implementing blockchain . But a connection between all the crypto / blockchain enthusiast and government was missing. And thats where International Blockchain Congress comes into picture.

India has the potential to be the global blockchain leader. With an abundance of young, talented, tech-savvy population, India is rapidly developing and consequently overtaking other technology markets. India boasts of the second largest online market in the world.

India also produces the largest number of engineers in the world and has well entrenched players ready to explore innovative technologies. But startup eco-systems, investors, tech giants, talent pool and the government must work in tandem to achieve the potential and this includes knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technologies. For India to move faster and further and fulfil the potential of becoming a global leader in blockchain and its allied services. The technology must be promoted by the Government, and to ease the process more interaction between the Government and the Industry is essential at all levels.

The 1st International Blockchain Congress (IBC) proposes to address these issues, and is the first conference of its kind where a network of global Blockchain leaders will be participating and interacting to discuss, understand, and frame policies. This is being hosted by Nucleus Vision, an Indian blockchain company along with Niti Aayog – Government of India, and state Governments of Goa & Telangana, in Hyderabad, India.

Some of the speakers of IBC

IBC proposes to be a network of specialized events, for Startups, Students, Industry, and public-private partnerships, bringing together specialists, enthusiasts, industry leaders, and governments.

International Blockchain Congress is happening on 3-4 August in Hyderabad and 5th August in Goa. If you are someone who is interested in crypto or blockchain then this event is for you. Visit to register.